Reasons why Apple should be allowed to sell refurbished iPhones

5 reasons why Apple should be allowed to sell refurbished iPhones

Apple wants to sell refurbished iPhones in India. These are essentially used iPhones but almost as good as new and (we are assuming) without any hardware or software faults. But the Indian government probably doesn’t want Apple to bring such phones to India.

If you ask us, we think that Apple should be allowed to sell the refurbished iPhones in India. Here are the reasons why it makes sense

  • It is all about experience. Apple, unlike other phone makers, uses a completely integrated solution. This means the hardware and software are all well-integrated, well-optimised for each other. Even with the refurbished or repaired phones, Apple can offer smartphone experience that might be better than what most Android phones offer in the mainstream market.
  • There is one thing where Apple doesn’t compromise and that is hardware. So, you can be sure that even with a refurbished phone Apple will offer the kind of hardware — camera, screen and processor — that is better than what most Android phones provide at that particular price point.
  • Often refurbished phones or other repaired gadgets are sold by third-party players. But Apple’s plan is to sell the refurbished phones directly, which means consumers will get decent warranty terms and if something goes wrong, Apple will take care of it. Now, in the Indian market where many companies don’t even honour warranties on new phones, this can only be good for consumers.
  • The Indian government has been told by the local phone makers that Apple’s plan to bring refurbished iPhones in India will affect Make In India. That is just nonsense. Instead, the refurbished iPhones will affect the business of these local vendors by providing consumers with phones that have similar prices but possibly are better. Now, it may seem a not-so-nice thing for the local phone makers but in the long run it’s good for consumers because it will force the Android phone companies to improve and up their game.
  • It’s good for environment. In a way, by selling refurbished iPhones Apple is not only helping its bottomline — make no mistake, Apple will make a lot of profit from it — but the company is also helping the environment. Refurbished iPhones are essentially recycled iPhones and recycling is always good if done right.