Freedom 251, iPhone 7 and Redmi Note 3 were the most searched phones of 2016 on Google

Google releases its Year in Search report annually giving us a lowdown on what were the most search terms across different categories. It does throw up surprises time and again though.

Among the most search mobile phones, there was a new name this year. Freedom 251, the Rs 251 phone, that was announced earlier this year clearly dominated the search results. It even beat the likes of Apple’s iPhone 7 which came in at second spot and Samsung which was at no.5 spot. Here is the complete list of the top trending mobile devices in 2016.

1. Freedom 251
2. iPhone 7
3. Redmi Note 3
4. Lenovo K4 Note
5. Samsung J7
6. Moto G4
7. OnePlus 3
8. iPhone SE
9. Google Pixel
10. Lenovo K5 NoteImage Credits: Reuters

Freedom 251 had clearly captured the attention of everyone after it was announced at that price. The phone has yet to be seen in the hands of regular people, although Ringing Bells, the company behind Freedom 251, claims that it has already shipped 70000 phones. Some months back that number was 5000. It has been close to five months since the phone was announced, but is yet to go mainstream. In our first impressions, we came across somemisleading specifications on its packaging as well.iPhone 7 Plus (10)

In the second spot was the iPhone 7, Apple’s flagship for 2016. We reviewed the iPhone 7 Plus and here is what we had observed: “All things considered, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is a great device. It excels in departments such as battery life, performance, display among other things. iOS 10 also brings a lot of new features to the table. The implementation of the dual rear camera is quite intelligent. Also portrait mode will be quite loved by those who love that kind of photography – it will just require patience though. While the camera image quality is good, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus still leaves scope for improvement in the low light photography department as we observed in out Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus shootout.”Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Snapdragon 650

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 came in at the third spot. It went on to break records for Xiaomi, becoming the fastest selling smartphone in a quarter, managing to sell around 1.75 million units of the Redmi Note 3 in just five months. Even today, the phone has little competition in the sub Rs 15,000 price category. There are newer devices which have been released by Xiaomi since, but none of which got as much love as the Redmi Note 3.

It was surprising to see nothing on Samsung flagship phones, but rather the budget J7 making it to the top 10 mobile devices search listing. Lenovo managed to have two of its devices in this list, which is no mean feat and if you also add in Moto G4, then a grand total of three devices for the company.Google Pixel XL (4)

Google Pixel was launched in India in mid-October and has managed to break into the top 10 most selling phones in a short span of time. In our review we found the Pixel XL to be an excellent phone, with a wonderful camera and great overall user experience. It was just the price point we found difficult to justify. “Google Pixel XL offers an excellent camera, great raw performance, good battery life. There’s nothing to not like about the device. Only downer is its price point. If you have that kind of money, there is every reason to go for it, IF you are willing to pay the price for pure Android experience and priority updates. There is a market for that kind of audience, but it’s a niche market. For those that don’t have that kind of budget, the S7 edge in the premium segment and OnePlus 3 in the mid-range segment are the Android phones to look out for.”OnePlus 3T Review Tech2 (17)

OnePlus 3 was the seventh most search mobile device. It is clearly the favourite as it offers excellent value for money in the sub Rs 30,000 price bracket. We were quite impressed with the phone when we reviewed it. There were some battery life issues, but subsequent software updates have fixed that. More recently, OnePlus also announced the OnePlus 3T, which offers a slight performance boost to the OnePlus 3.

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