15 Things That Are Wrong With Our Generation

There’s something really wrong with this generation of ours. We’re more worried about the likes and shares that our posts get than things that actually matter in life. We hardly ever look up from our phones, so lost in all the apps that we don’t even realize when life passes us by. But all isn’t lost. There is still time to chase things that actually matter. And for that we need to discuss these 15 things that are wrong with our generation:

 1. We spend more time ‘adding friends’ than making ever-lasting friendships.

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2. We use less words and more emojis to express ourselves.

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3. We write long birthday posts on Facebook, instead of calling up our friends and talking to them.

4. We spend more time clicking selfies instead of actually looking at the world around us.

Source: easyacc.com

5. We order food just to take photos and post them on Instagram, instead of enjoying the dish.

Source: Quora

6. We kill time by doing something on our phones instead of talking to each other.

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7. Even socialising has become all about meeting friends and staring into our phones.

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8. Being at home means watching downloaded movies and foreign TV shows instead of spending time with family.

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9. Entertainment today is watching ordinary people getting mocked by washed-up celebrities.

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10. We put landscapes of fancy places as wallpapers instead of actually visiting these places.

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11. Movies with obnoxious story lines and senseless plots become hits while sensible, artisitic movies flop.

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12. We have a thousand celebrities but only a handful of heroes.

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13. We know more about the lives of movie stars than the legacy of our nation and its freedom fighters.

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14. Fighting for social causes today means putting up a status update on Facebook.

Source: India Against Corruption

15. Money defines our success and happiness today.

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